Onboarding Video

The following video explains how the Health HALO system works and how to operate the coaching platform.

Please watch and email us at info@ora.systems if you have any questions.

Heart Rate Halo Color Classifications

Below you can see which heart rates are associated with a blooming yellow halo for your age group. Younger users must achieve a higher number of beats per minute to grow their halo.

Blue Halo Purple Halo Red Halo Yellow Halo
20 years50bpm to 69bpm70bpm to 99bpm100bpm to 149bpm150bpm to 200bpm
30 years48bpm to 66bpm67bpm to 94bpm95bpm to 142bpm143bpm to 190bpm
35 years46bpm to 64bpm65bpm to 92bpm93bpm to 138bpm139bpm to 185bpm
40 years45bpm to 62bpm63bpm to 89bpm90bpm to 134bpm135bpm to 180bpm
45 years44bpm to 60bpm61bpm to 87bpm88bpm to 130bpm131bpm to 175bpm
50 years43bpm to 59bpm60bpm to 84bpm85bpm to 127bpm128bpm to 170bpm
55 years41bpm to 57bpm58bpm to 82bpm83bpm to 123bpm124bpm to 165bpm
60 years40bpm to 55bpm56bpm to 79bpm80bpm to 119bpm120bpm to 160bpm
65 years39bpm to 53bpm54bpm to 77bpm78bpm to 115bpm116bpm to 155bpm
70 years38bpm to 52bpm53bpm to 74bpm75bpm to 112bpm113bpm to 150bpm

Tier Classifications

Your tier is based on four factors, each with a different weight. Frequency measures how regularly you exercise. Intensity measures how long you exercise and how high you get your heart rate. These two factor determine 75% of your tier rating. The remaining 25% is based on how well you avoid being sedentary, measured by steps taken and hours standing each day.

Weight Bronze Silver Gold Elite
Exercise Frequency (days per week) 42% 0 to 2 3 to 4 5 6+
Intensity* (duration and intensity of elevated heartrate) 33% 10 min @ 110bpm or less 10 min @ 120bpm - 40 min @ 130bpm 45 min @ 130bpm - 60 min @ 140bpm 65 min @ 140bpm or more
Activity (hours standing per day) 8% 0 to 6 7 to 10 11 to 15 16+
Distance (steps per day) 17% 0 to 4,000 4,100 to 8,000 8,100 to 12,000 12,000+
*Intensity example assumes a 35-year-old wearing their watch 10 hours a day.